African-American Leadership Institute

Lead with Intent

Lead With Intent

The African-American Leadership Institute (AALI) promotes the individual development of African-Americans for increased participation in leadership roles and serves as a principal education and networking resource for expertise and advocacy on leadership issues affecting and impacting our communities.

The African-American Leadership Institute is designed to educate and assist individuals in developing and expanding their leadership skills to take an active role in the community.

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Public Speaking

Get comfortable speaking in front of groups.


Meet & collaborate with diverse though-leaders, policy-makers, and fellow aspiring leaders.

Culturally Focused

No other leadership program in the Valley focuses specifically on the unique strengths & challenges in our community.

Management Skills

Learn how to effectively rally, organize and manage teams.

“AALI allowed me the opportunity to view Leadership in a totally different light. It challenged me to become a better leader in my community, my family and my business. It helped to develop the mindset that investing power in others is key to influence.”

Travis Hardin

AALI 2013

“AALI is a great opportunity to meet leaders in the community that are working to serve our community.¬† I enjoyed meeting new leaders and partnering with them on projects and programs.”

Shereka Jackson

AALI 2012

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