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State of Black Arizona

Bringing Awareness to the Issues That Impact African Americans

The State of Black Arizona represents a bridge between the academy and the community initiated to explore and better understand the status, issues, and concerns of African Americans in Arizona. The data produced as a result of this collaboration is intended to inform both decision makers and the grassroots community alike; to compel both toward more concerted action on solutions that improve the lives of all Arizonans. The State of Black Arizona is also a forum for discussion about the experiences of Blacks in Arizona to foster deeper ties to each other and the state we’ve chosen to call home.

Valle del Sol

Community Health

Established in 1970, Valle del Sol is one of Arizona’s largest nonprofit, community-based organizations reaching thousands of men, women, children, families and the elderly each year through healthcare, counseling, substance abuse treatment, support services, and leadership development programs. Our mission is to inspire positive change by investing in health and human services to strengthen families with tools and skills for self-sufficiency and by building the next generation of Latino and diverse leaders.

South Mountain Community College

Helping You Climb Higher!

South Mountain Community College provides quality higher education for our diverse community. We create a caring teaching and learning environment that fosters student development and supports productive citizenship in an increasingly global and technological society

South Mountain Community College (SMCC) reflects the diversity of the surrounding community, a rich mix of rural, urban, and suburban neighborhoods. Many of our students arrive from Phoenix, Laveen, Tempe, Guadalupe and the surrounding area to attend classes at the main campus or our offsite facility in Guadalupe; we also offer evening courses in Laveen at Legacy Traditional School.

In fiscal year 2015-16, approximately 6,000 students enrolled at SMCC; 70 percent were first-generation college students and 48 percent had an intent to transfer to a university to further their education. And, with more than 75 percent of these students identifying as a minority, SMCC has been federally-designated as a Minority Serving and Hispanic Serving Institution.

Arizona OIC

Helping Others to Help Themselves

Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) is a network of comprehensive employment training programs across the nation. The first OIC was founded in Philadelphia in 1964. From its beginnings in an abandoned jailhouse, OIC has grown into an organization which serves disadvantaged and under-skilled Americans of all races. OIC Affiliates are involved in a variety of programs which impact upon disadvantaged Americans, encompassing employment training, alternative education systems and economic development. With more than 47 years of helping others to help themselves OIC’s have served over 4 million clients with a placement rate better than 75% in full-time positions.

Our national headquarters, Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA), serves local OICs in most states and Washington, D.C. Through the central administration headquarters in Philadelphia, OICA provides Affiliates with technical assistance in the areas of program planning and operations. OIC operates on a national as well as local level. On the local level, OICA has chartered Affiliates. Each Affiliate is incorporated in the state where it is located and has its own Board of Directors whose membership reflects the diversity of the community.